Personal data

This personal data protection policy is addressed to you as a user of the website and aims to inform you about how your personal information is collected and processed by insurance companies belonging to Societe Generale Assurances based in France (Sogecap, Antarius, Sogessur and Oradea Life).

Societe Generale Assurances has appointed a Data Protection Officer who can be reached at the following coordinates: or Société Générale Assurances / Sogécap / Sogessur - Délégué à la Protection des données - Tour D2 - 17 Bis Place des Reflets - 92919 PARIS LA DEFENSE CEDEX.

The personal data we collect are necessary to:

  • your identification, the identification of insured persons and beneficiaries,
  • the review of your specific needs to propose adapted contracts,
  • review, acceptance, pricing, monitoring of risks,
  • carrying out any transaction necessary for the execution and management of the contracts and any claims,
  • the management of unpaid debts and their recovery,
  • recourse, claims and litigation management,
  • the management of requests related to the exercise of the rights indicated in the section "WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS?",
  • performing actuarial and statistical studies.

Your data are also processed to meet applicable legal, regulatory and administrative requirements such as the fight against money laundering / terrorist financing.

To bring you the best services and continue to improve them, we process your data in the framework of:

  • the implementation of preventive actions,
  • the management of our commercial relationship in order to carry out commercial animations such as loyalty actions, satisfaction surveys, surveys, product tests or contests.

In our legitimate interest, we also use your data to offer you commercial offers for similar or complementary products and services to those subscribed, personalized according to your needs, as well as those of our partners. You can oppose it at any time or change your choices (see section "WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS?").

In order to preserve the mutuality of our policyholders and in our legitimate interest, we are implementing a treatment to fight against insurance fraud that may lead to the inclusion on a list of people at risk of fraud. This registration may result in a reduction or denial of the benefit of a right, service, contract or service offered by insurance companies belonging to Societe Generale Insurance.

Your personal data are intended, within the limits of their attributions, to our services in charge of the commercial management or the management and execution of the contracts of each of your guarantees, to our management delegates, insurance intermediaries, partners, agents, subcontractors, or other entities of the Societe Generale Insurance in the exercise of their duties.

They may also be forwarded, where appropriate, to the insurance institutions of the persons involved or offering supplementary services, co-insurers, reinsurers, professional bodies and guarantee funds, as well as to all persons involved in the contract, such as lawyers, experts, law clerks and departmental officers, curators, tutors, investigators, health professionals, medical consultants and authorized personnel, to social organizations when they intervene in the settlement of claims and benefits.

Information about you may also be passed on to any stakeholder of the contract (subscriber, insured, member and beneficiary of the contract) and their assigns and representatives to the beneficiaries of an assignment or subrogation of rights in the contract, and where applicable, to the persons in charge, to the victims and their agents, to the witnesses and third parties interested in the execution of the contract as well as to all persons authorized by Authorized Third Parties including the courts, arbitrators, mediators, relevant ministries, supervisory and supervisory authorities and any public bodies authorized to receive them, as well as the services in charge of control such as auditors, auditors and departments in charge of internal control.

The health data that we may have to deal with is intended for our Medical Consultant, his medical service working within a confidentiality area, or the specifically authorized internal or external persons (in particular our delegates or medical experts and, the where applicable, our reinsurers). This information may also be used for the purposes of the fight against fraud by authorized persons.

As part of processing your auto insurance history

In the event of the contract termination, your identity, the one of the possible drivers designated in the contract, the reference of the contract, the information on the vehicle, the characteristics of the damage as well as the reason for cancellation will be communicated to a central professional file managed by l’Association pour la Gestion des Informations sur le Risque Automobile: A.G.I.R.A., 1, rue Jules Lefebvre – 75431 Paris Cedex 09. Nous consultons ce fichier lors de toute opération de souscription.

Due in particular to the international dimension of the Société Générale Group to which the data controller belongs and measures taken to ensure the use of IT tools as well as the security of computer networks the processing referred to in the paragraph "WHY DO WE COLLECT YOUR DATA?" and personal data necessary for the performance of your contract may be transferred in the context of the execution of the contracts, the management of the shares or litigation related to the company's activity to countries that are not members of the Economic Area. European (India), whose personal protection legislation differs from that of the European Union.

In these cases, transfers of your data benefit from a precise and demanding framework (standard contractual clauses particularly), in conformity with the adopted models by the European Commission, as well as appropriate security measures.

Except clarification in your Special Conditions, your request / application form, your personal data are kept the period of the commercial or contractual relationship, and until expiry of the period of legal requirements.

You have a right to:

You can also:

  • define guidelines for the retention, erasure and communication of your personal data after your death,
  • withdraw your consent if the processing of your data is solely based on it, being understood that this withdrawal may make it impossible for the SOGECAP Groupe to provide the requested or subscribed product or service.

You have the right to object:

  • for reasons relating to your particular situation, that personal data concerning you are the subject of the processing that we are implementing. In this case, the particular nature of your situation will have to be clearly argued.
  • without having to justify your request, that your data be used or transmitted to thirds for purposes of commercial prospection.
  • to prospecting by telephone by registering on the opposition list as described on the website or by mail at the following address: Opposetel Company, Bloctel Service, 6 rue Nicolas Siret, 10000 Troyes. You can no longer be solicited by Societe Generale Assurances or one of its partners, except in the case of pre-existing contractual relations.

If you want to exercise your rights on personal data, please find below the right request forms. Please complete and return to us the corresponding form(s) to  or Société Générale Assurances / Sogécap / Sogessur - Délégué à la Protection des données - Tour D2 - 17 Bis Place des Reflets - 92919 PARIS LA DEFENSE CEDEX.

In order to allow an effective treatment of your request, please make sure you clearly fill your identification information (contract number).

You also have the right to lodge a complaint to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) : 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07.

For more information on the processing of your personal data, you can refer to the following documents: