Employ - To be a responsible employer

We are changing our management and organisational practices in order to respond to our employees’ aspirations, and to recruit new talent and support talented people throughout their careers.

We share with our 2,900 employees in France and abroad a common culture of being a responsible business. We want to make Corporate Social Responsibility a core aspect of what we do. In order to raise our employees’ awareness of this essential issue, we invited them to undergo at least one training programme on the subject in 2021.

As a result, 96% of employees in France received training on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. We have made diversity a priority, as reflected by the improvement in our gender balance score from 78/100 in 2018 to 94/100 at the end of 2021, and the signing of agreements to ensure professional equality between men and women and support the employment and retention of people living with disability. We have developed rewarding and innovative career paths for our employees, endeavouring to offer a wide range of training options and help make them more employable, in keeping with the needs and development of the job market.

Our employees can take charge of their own career development using simple tools that can be accessed at any time (e-learning and open access MOOC). In 2021, 70,000 hours of training were provided. Since 2020, we have helped our employees to organise hybrid working through the “Future of Work” scheme, which has entailed assistance with learning about digital tools, rolling out the flexible working system and onboarding new employees remotely. Finally, we have maintained our recruitment policy targeting young people, renewing around 115 work-study positions and reserving 27% of new permanent posts for under 25s.

Our employees are encouraged to act responsibly, abiding by a strict ethical framework shared by all. In 2021, we continued to roll out the “Culture and Conduct” program, with the aim of establishing a culture of responsibility and applying the insurance industry’s most exacting internal control and compliance standards. In 2021, 2,270 employees were trained in the Code of Conduct, which constitutes the basis of Societe Generale group’s business ethics. Our employees are also regularly informed about how to manage inappropriate behaviours. We help our employees keep up with changes in the use of digital tools, an important way of limiting carbon dioxide emissions and combating climate change, by means of awarenessraising campaigns and sharing of best practices.

Throughout the year, we were involved in a range of community initiatives across all regions, particularly to help young people. In Luxembourg, Sogelife gave its support to Life Project For Youth (LP4Y), a charity created in 2009 that helps socially excluded young people aged 17 to 24 into society and the workplace. In Morocco, our subsidiary distributed essential medicines and computers to the charity Fiers & Forts, helping to fight the social exclusion of underprivileged children.
In Poland, a grant was awarded to the Good Initiatives Foundation, which protects children and young people who are unable to defend themselves. In Romania, we helped the charity Fundatia Sf. Dimitrie to contribute to keeping young people living with disability in employment and continue to develop social and education programs for children from underprivileged families. In the Czech Republic, we supported the Céčko project, which aims gets the education system (primary schools and education centers) involved in sustainability (circular economy) through real and verifiable practices. In France, since 2020, we have sponsored the charity Énergie Jeunes, which works in deprived areas to prevent young people dropping out of school. This activity gives employees the opportunity to get involved by means of skills sponsorship, talking at schools alongside volunteers from the charity.

A dynamic policy of employee developments

Work-study positions
94 pts /100
Gender Equality Index for 2021
96 %
of employees in France received training on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria
recommandations from co-opting
27 %
of recruits on fulltime are under 25yo