Employ - To be a responsible employer

We are evolving our managerial and organizational practices to meet the aspirations of our employees, as well as to attract and support a growing pool of talents throughout their careers.

Promoting diversity and creating a work environment conducive to development

We support our 3,000 employees in France and abroad in developing their skills and employability through training, apprenticeships, and the creation of relevant career paths.

Our employees benefit from a diverse and innovative training offer. In 2022, over 112,000 hours of training were provided. We also strive to empower them to be active participants in their development by providing them with simple and accessible tools (e-learning platforms, open-access MOOCs, etc.). This allows them to learn freely at their own pace.

Promoting diversity among employees, advocating for gender equality, and fostering inclusion are among our priorities. This commitment is reflected in our gender equality index, which has increased from 78/100 in 2018 to 94/100 as of the end of 2022.

This year, we have taken it a step further by organizing a series of conferences on the topics of diversity and inclusion and launching a mentorship program for volunteer women executives in France.

75 mentored employees benefit from 8 months of guidance and shared experiences from mentors from the Executive Committee and Management Committee.

We are committed to offering work methods that encourage initiative, collaboration and innovation. For its 4th edition, “I-Link”, our internal innovation community, brought together over 120 volunteers from various departments in France and abroad.

Members of this community contribute to fostering a culture of innovation and transformation by participating in product testing, conferences, and projects.

We believe that a quality work environment contributes to the company’s performance, team efficiency, and the engagement of each individual. This is the purpose of our “Future of Work” initiative, launched in 2020, to support our employees in the organization of hybrid work.

This year, we have maintained our recruitment policy for young talent, with 110 work student and 28% of new permanent contracts offered to individuals under 25 years old.

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Promoting responsible behaviors and employees commitment

We have made strong ethical commitments to foster trust among our stakeholders, particularly our clients. Our corporate culture is built on robust values and strict ethics.

In 2022, the deployment of the “Culture and Conduct” program, aimed at embedding a culture of responsibility and applying the highest industry standards in terms of internal control and compliance, continued with the training of 2,000 employees.

Our employees are regularly sensitized to the use of digital tools, an important lever to limit CO2 emissions and fight against climate change.

In 2022, thanks to their mobilization, 450 unused professional tablets and smartphones were collected, recycled, and given to young people and their families who did not have access to digital equipment.

Once again this year, solidarity actions have multiplied in all our geographies, particularly in support of young people.

In Luxembourg, Sogelife renewed its support for the association Life  Project For Youth (LP4Y), founded in, 2009, which supports the social and professional integration of young people aged 17 to 24 who are victims of exclusion.

In Morocco, La Marocaine Vie supported Hadaf, an association founded in 1997, which aims to promote the social inclusion of young people (aged 17 and over) with intellectual disabilities through education, apprenticeship, training, and empowerment.

In Poland, assistance was provided to “Fundacja DOM Dbamy O Młodych”, whose mission is to provide assistance to children and young people who do not find sufficient support in their environment.

In Romania, support was provided to the Fundatia Sf. Dimitrie association to help young people with disabilities maintain employment and to continue and develop social and educational programs for children from disadvantaged families.

In France, for over 10 years, we have been a partner of the Imagine For Margo association, which helps fund research programs to find new, treatments for pediatric cancers. 65 employees participated in the annual charity run.

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A dynamic policy of employee developments

Work-study positions
94 pts /100
Gender Equality Index for 2022
97 %
of employees in France received training on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria
recommandations from co-opting
28 %
of recruits on fulltime are under 25yo
employees hired on permanent contract
employees trained in climate fresk
2 000
employees trained in compliance