Protect - To be a responsible insurer

Because our job consists of evaluating, preventing and managing the risks relating to human activity, we know how to provide the right solutions for our clients and offer them the best cover to suit their needs.


As an insurance company, we promote responsible life insurance savings products by means of more than 1,000 responsible funds allowing our clients to invest in projects or companies meeting environmental and social criteria. These funds had outstandings of 13 billion euros at the end of 2021. We promote sustainable investment in the real economy through innovative products such as Sécurité Infra Euro – the first themed fund in euros in its category allowing our clients to make a significant investment in infrastructure projects that meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, and funds with the “Relance” label, which allow savers to contribute to the economic recovery.

In 2021, the latest generation savings of 100% responsible, open architecture unit-linked funds accessible to everyone generated inflows of 1.4 billion euros. Through the investments of the euro funds this represents a commitment to invest more than 1 billion euros in “Relance” equity loans and “Relance” bonds. This very solid momentum in life insurance savings has been supported by all of Societe Generale group’s networks in France, across all client segments (retail banking, wealth management and private banking).

At the same time, we are continuing to capitalise on our two flagship franchises: in France, Oradea Vie, the subsidiary dedicated to external partnerships, which generated premium income of 1.6 billion euros in 2021 (up 72% on 2020), and in Luxembourg, Sogelife, the leading name in the private banking markets, which
generated premium income of 2.3 billion euros in 2021 (up 31% on 2020).

As a leading name in the retirement savings market in France, with pensions and employee savings outstandings of 26 billion euros at the end of 2021, we offer products suited to each client segment, including individuals, small businesses, companies and their employees. We offer our clients solutions that allow them
to benefit from a broad range of high-performing financial products and a high level of flexibility in their savings, user-friendly and instructive digital pathways, innovative and customised services, and tailor-made support. To help our individual clients, we have developed an educational platform offering centralised access
to all information and services needed for easy retirement preparation. In addition, we have increased the support provided for our corporate clients in setting up their employee savings and retirement savings schemes by offering a one-stop approach within Group Retirement and Employee Savings” business line.

Continually improving client satisfaction is a key element of our strategy. The aim is to enable clients to enjoy the personalised experiences they want, with a simplified process and the right level of autonomy.

This personalised approach to the products offered, contacts and communications, made possible thanks to our expertise in using data, helps to increase the value perceived by our policyholders. In Protection, we offer a comprehensive digital range tailored to each client segment, in both property and casualty insurance and personal protection. Our car, home and health insurance products are more modular, in order to respond to the specific needs of each client.

In 2021, we continued to enhance our offering in order to address new challenges, such as preventing cyber-bullying for individuals, and offering cyber-risk and Multirisks insurance for professionals. We offer clients of Societe Generale networks a seamless experience thanks to comprehensive omnichannel systems (branches, phone, website, mobile app). In 2021, in property and casualty insurance, 100% digital sales increased by 61% (compared to 2020), representing 10% of total sales, and telephone sales increased by 22% in car insurance and 36% in home insurance.

We are developing turnkey solutions thanks to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), such as Alabri, an home insurance for Boursorama Banque clients, which offers a quick and easy 100% online application process and personalised, à la carte and transparent pricing. Since it was launched in November 2020, more than 12,700 policies have been taken out.

Finally, we are permanently adapting our processes in order to offer our clients new services, offering them the choice of how compensation is paid in the event
of a claim (cash payment, repair in kind, etc.), and introducing an interactive voice server to optimise call handling, which increases client satisfaction.

Our technological know-how and our expertise in mobility are delivering fast growth in car fleet insurance both in France and abroad. At the end of 2021, we insured 529,000 vehicles (an increase of 13% on 2020). In synergy with our partner ALD Automotive, market leader in corporate vehicle mobility solutions and a subsidiary
of Societe Generale group, we are responding to new uses by developing products for smart cars, electric bicycles and leasing vehicles for individuals. We are
also contributing to the development of green mobility by offering users multi-mobility products. As part of the mobility ecosystem, in 2021 we joined a consortium to develop a passport solution for smart cars.

+ 1 000
13 bn EUR
61 %
529 000