To be a responsible employer

Societe Generale Assurances aims to give every employee the resources needed to develop their skills and long-term employability as part of responding to the needs of customers and achieving its ambition: “to become the preferred insurer of our clients and reference partner of our distributors”.

2,900 men and women are the public face of Societe Generale Assurances in France and abroad. In 2019, 375 new employees joined us under permanent employment contracts in actuarial, data science, sales, marketing, IT, finance and customer relations services.

As part of developing the skills and boosting the employability of our people, we have put in place a rich and varied system of training and learning programs to meet the personal needs of each employee: face-toface training, self-training platforms (MOOC, e-learning, etc.), dedicated management development programs, workshops and multimedia resources. Interactive sessions with management are held throughout the year to present strategy and key projects, and unite employees around our corporate ambition.

As part of helping our people to achieve the bestpossible work/life balance for them, Societe Generale Assurances is accelerating the rollout of remote working options across all its central services and customer relationship functions. Giving employees a voice through internal surveys, listening to what they have to say, and creating the right conditions for interactive contact via communities also contribute to maintaining our high level of team commitment.

We are in no doubt that our employees are the most important contributors to our corporate transformation. The work we are doing through the Move Up program, which takes a collective and participative approach to celebrating our unique cultural traits - will continue to ensure that our corporate culture is the cornerstone on which the success of our strategy is built. Onboarding our teams, supporting change and becoming real and effective leaders are the key priorities identified for achieving our ambition: adapted from that of the Societe Generale Group, our Leadership Model provides a common frame of reference for the behavioral skills expected of everyone in the company.

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In France and abroad, our employees are committed to a more socially supportive world.

To mark Citizen Commitment Time - the highlight event of Societe Generale Group solidarity year - more than 250 employees in France took part in sporting challenges and clothing collections to help the two partner charities of Rejoué and Aurore, which work to bring vulnerable people into the worlds of work and education.

In Russia, employees competed in a charity race to raise funds for Sindrom Lyubvi, which works to improve the quality of life for those with Down syndrome. In Romania, around 50 employees and their families took part in the Pink Race organized by the NGO Casiopeea to raise funds for fighting breast cancer.

In Morocco, solidarity day workshops gave our employees the opportunity to raise the awareness of young people from the charity SOS Villages d’Enfants in El Jadida to environmental protection issues and to support young graduates to ensure their successful integration into the world of work.

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Many initiatives were implemented in 2019 to help reduce our environmental impact and promote responsible behavior by all our people.

Single-use plastic cups have been replaced by reusable alternatives in our Paris offices, and mugs have been issued to all our employees in France. These initiatives alone have the potential to avoid the use of 250,000 disposable cups every year.

Over and above those initiatives that have been in place for several years now to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and limit our consumption of natural resources, we are also working via the Brest startup EcoTree to plant 1,000 trees in the forest of Luthenay. All our employees are regularly informed of the best practices contained in the Societe Generale Code of Conduct, which forms the basis for the Group commitment to business ethics and describes the commitments we have to every type of stakeholder (customers, employees, investors, suppliers, regulators/supervisory authorities, the public and civil society), as well as the principles governing the individual and collective conduct expected of everyone.

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A dynamic policy of employee developments

full-time permanent staff recruited in France
student apprentices
88 pts /100
Gender Equality Index for 2019
44 hours
of training per employee, per year
of staff based outside France
36 years
average age
employees trained in new working methods