Our commitment

To be a responsible employer

Societe Generale Assurances aims to give every employee the resources needed to develop their skills and long-term employability as part of responding to the needs of customers and achieving its ambition: “to become the preferred insurer of our clients and reference partner of our distributors”.

Societe Generale Assurances develops the talents and skills of its people against a background of organisational transformation and far-reaching change in insurance industry expertise. The Open’up programme helps talented people to work effectively through collaboration, participation and agility.

In 2017, around 100 young people joined Societe Generale Assurances as interns, trainees or under the VIE (Volunteer for International Experience) scheme. Recruitment in actuarial services/data science, sales and marketing, IT and finance has risen constantly and continually for the past 3 years, and represents more than 6% of all new hires.

More than 450 full-time permanent employees were recruited in 2017. Societe Generale Assurances relies on a diversified and comprehensive ecosystem of student partnerships with actuarial graduate schools, universities and other higher education institutions… To strengthen its links with the academic and industrial ecosystem that surrounds the Internet of Things, Societe Generale Assurances has partnered the IoT (Internet Of Things) Chair at ESCP Europe for the past year. In addition to monitoring strategic issues and gaining an improved understanding of business and management challenges, the collaboration with the ESCP Europe IoT Chair allows Societe Generale Assurances to present students with problematic issues raised by the emergence of connected objects as the basis for working with new generations on developing future uses for insurance and testing new business models.

Societe Generale Assurances is engaged in developing new, more flexible ways of working that facilitate and encourage a healthy work/life balance. Eligible employees in France and the Czech Republic also have the opportunity to telework. The company’s offices in Paris, Orléans and Moscow have recently been redesigned to encourage new opportunities for interaction by introducing collaborative working spaces, informal meeting areas and confidentiality alcoves and bubbles.

A dynamic policy of employee developments

full-time permanent staff recruited in France
interns, trainees and VIE students recruited
78 pts /100
Gender Equality Index for 2018
40 hours
of training per employee, per year
of employees have been in their jobs for less than one year
29 %
of staff based outside France
37 years
average age

Best employer in the Insurance category

In 2017, Societe Generale Assurances was rated as France’s 6th-best employer in the Insurance category by Capital magazine; 11 places higher than in the previous year.

Societe Generale Assurances is also involved in the annual internal Societe Generale group survey to measure the level of employee commitment in France and abroad. This barometer of opinion provides employees with the opportunity to speak freely about their relationship with the company, their perception of management practices and their expectations of Group culture. In 2017, 85% of employees took part in the survey, which was designed around the four core values of the Group: commitment, team spirit, empowerment and innovation.