To be a responsible insurer


Customers are offered a choice of 125 SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) funds via savings life insurance policies. They are therefore able to invest in projects or companies whose activities respond positively to environmental and social challenges, while also encouraging a more sustainable and human model for economic and financial growth.

In 2018, Societe Generale Assurances also enhanced its health insurance offer by adding remote consultation (diagnosis and prescription) to its remote medical advice service.

Societe Generale Assurances has a strong ethical commitment to earning and retaining the trust of all its stakeholders, especially, and primarily, that of its customers.

As part of the Societe Generale group’s Culture and Conduct program, all employees have been encouraged - via workshop sessions and a mandatory training module - to embrace the Code of Conduct that underpins the company commitment to best practice in business ethics. A total of 382 workshop sessions have been attended by more than 98% of employees, and 99% have completed the distance learning module.

As part of Societe Generale group’s carbon reduction program, Societe Generale Assurances has undertaken to deliver a 25% reduction in its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per employee by 2020, compared to 2014.

The 2018 introduction of distance selling with electronic signature and the ability to buy car and home insurance online has avoided the need to print 2.6 million pages. Similarly, digitisation of the files used by Boards of Directors and other governance bodies has allowed Societe Generale Assurances to reduce its printing requirement by a further 300,000 pages.

Societe Generale Assurances and its people are fully committed to engaging in practical actions that help to create a more united world.

This commitment was clearly demonstrated during the Citizen Commitment Time, the flagship Societe Generale group initiative for the benefit of others:

  • In France, 300 employees took part in sports challenges to raise funds for Rejoué, a charity that provides toys for underprivileged children. A winter clothing collection was made on behalf of Aurore, which provides supportive care for people living in challenging conditions and/or excluded from society and employment, and helps them to achieve indpendence.
  • In Russia, employees competed in a charity race to raise funds for Downside Up, which works to improve quality of life for children with Down syndrome. Employees also took part in an eco-event organised by the University of Moscow botanical gardens to create a garden and make the city that much greener.
  • In Romania, working with the charity Daruieste Viata funds have been raised to help finance the construction and fit-out of the first oncology and radiotherapy hospital for children with cancer.

Throughout the year, Societe Generale Assurances worked with its employees to support the projects of partner charitable organisations:

In France, and for the eighth consecutive year, Societe Generale Assurances partnered Imagine For Margo, the French charity that funds research programs into new and more effective treatments specific to childhood and teenage cancers.

More than 120 employees took part in the annual charity race to raise funds for Enfants Sans Cancer. For the third year running, the D2 Tower was illuminated as part of the Septembre en Or (Golden September) campaign to raise awareness of cancer in

Sogelife in Luxembourg is supporting the Green Village project run by Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) Luxembourg with building the first home in the eco-village of Calauan in The Philippines and providing training for 15 young people excluded from society
and employment.

La Marocaine Vie is continuing to act on its social commitment to improving the living conditions of people in difficulty. It is working with SOS Villages d’Enfants Maroc to help the charity open a new home in the SOS DAR BOUAZZA children’s villages.